Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kumu comes for the night

On her way back to Denver from India our friend Kumu was able to spend the night. We enjoyed a beautiful day downtown at our usual tourist spots. It sure was nice to see one of our friends.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

some new phrases

We can't keep a tally of how many things she says now, but some of the things just amaze us. She knows sucker and chocolate now. Those two items are kept out of sight- but surprisingly not out of mind for a toddler. She has said several times 'hold it momma.' -referring usually to her drink. "Move it Cat" - she gets that one from momma. She calls Noah SHuah. "Momma help please" "Where are you_____?" fill in the blank with any of her favorite toys, nemo, baby, bear. We are so proud of her.

Splish splash

We sure have fun with the bubble bath's. Lola has these two tub toys her bubba's gave her for christmas that wind up, a fish and an alligator. She giggles at them when they 'get her'. We still like to make a mohawk out of what little hair she has. What a fun time it is to spend these little moments together before she says she can take a shower now...

squeaky clean!

This how we start the day all squeaky clean. Hair combed. It's nice to capture on film once in a while.

Downtown Aquarium

We finally went to the aquarium downtown. We get to use our zoo pass to get half off.-nice.. It was really sweet. Lola was able to pet a sea star and Mom petted a shark! It had a couple of walk through tunnels that had so many different fish. Lola liked to see the scuba guys cleaning the tank.She also saw her two favorite fish Doree and Nemo.

Taking turns with the cat.

Lola and the cat are very fond of the little baby's cradle. They like to pretend to be sleeping. The cat, we think, isn't really pretending. He really wants a cozy place to sleep. But Lola thinks it would be fun to curl up together. We like seeing them take turns getting in and out of it.

Easter Rabbit

We were at the mall the other day and guess who happened to be there too? That's right the Easter Rabbit. Lola spotted him before we did and ran over with open arms wanting to hug him. She kept smiling and hugging him. We wished we would have known he was there we would have dressed her up. So here's her giving the Easter bunny some love.

Sleeping Beauty

Lola has had a terrible cold for the past week. We took her to the dr.'s twice because of her high fever. So she's been sleeping a lot. She's been our little sleeping beauty.

Bubba's last day

We took Eric downtown for his last day. It was so fun to see the sea lions (again) Lola has perfected the Aarff. We ate one last seafood lunch and then headed over to Ghiradeli for dessert. Dad's favorite icecream sunday.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Another day w/ Bubba

We took Bubba Eric to the park where we love to play. They even had the train running, which Lola was so excited to ride. We went to see the ocean and eat some more seafood for lunch. Then we took the Highway one up to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Lola is starting to think that she's seen it enough times now.

Bubba Eric comes for a visit

Oh, Lola was so excited to see her bubba. She was playing shy the first day, but they communicated with sticking their tongues out at each other. We took Eric to see all of the things that we like about our new home. First, they went downtown after his flight to eat some fresh crab on the pier. The next day we took him across some of the bridges around the bay. Then to the zoo. We loved watching the elephants drinking water through their noses and squirting it in their mouth. What a fun day for Lola to spend with her brother.

Holiday's over getting moving

Well, what a way to get back to reality like moving a 5 bedroom house into an 1100 square foot apt. We had to give away several big items-fridge, treadmill, lawnmower. We also had to make many trips to the Home Depot to buy shelving units to help accomedate us. It took an entire week to finish unpacking. Needless to say we felt like we should have taken our vacation after the move-in. Our new place has one word to describe it cozy. Lola was really excited to have her things. It was like Christmas all over again; especially because most of her Christmas toys she hadn't had a chance to play with. It seems we are only missing one camera and our popcorn bowls.