Friday, May 30, 2008

Ms Loretta comes for a visit

We sure had fun when Ms Loretta and John came for a visit. We took them all over the bay area. Here we are at Moss Beach. It was such a beautiful day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sand Castle

Lola and Daddy made a pretty nice sand castle. Lola even added seashells to the tops of the towers. She was really sweet letting him build it up while she collected seashells. It was fun watching her be patient w/ him. But she did have to knock it down before we left.

Daddy and Lola w/ toes in the ocean

Daddy convinced Lola to step out in the foamy water. It was way to cold! She gave him a look of "Are you crazy?" Then she stayed way up on the beach for the rest of the morning.

Daddy and the big waves

Daddy was the first one to brave the chilly water today and stick his toe in the freezing ocean. It was a perfect day to be on the seaside.

Pigtails Finally!

Lola has just barely enough hair now to make some tiny pigtails. We thought she looked very sweet. She has her zebra friend with her.

Lola and mom at the pool

Lola sure enjoys being in water and especially the pool. She is brave when it comes to swimming under water too. She'll swim up to the steps from a couple feet away. Here she is playing w/ mom "the babies in the pool go Up and Down". She is our little swimmer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dolphin Show!

Two of the highlights of our day were seeing the killer whale show (pictures are missing) and the dolphin show. Lola loved the whale Shouka. She squealed and clapped and cheered. Daddy liked seeing it too since it was his first time to see one as well. The Dolphin show was the last thing we did before we left so Lola was pretty tired she only watched and smiled not a lot of cheering. Thanks for a Fun Mother's day!

Adventure Land

We went to adventure land for Mother's Day. My goodness there was so much to see. They had a butterfly exhibit and elephant rides. We fed the sea lion some stinky fish. Lola and Momma rode on some fun Lola sized rides. Lola ate some dipin dots for the first time. We saw Giraffes and tigers and lions and snakes and donkeys and camels.

rockin dinner

Sometimes a parent will do anything to have their child eat some dinner. We let Lola ride on her rockin lamb to eat one night. She was so distracted with putting her feet up on it and rockin around she didn't even notice we fed her some chicken and rice.

sooo goood

Here Lola is smelling some beautiful Roses! She likes to push her zebra in a buggy over to see them. After she smells them she says soo goood. She really is careful too when she holds onto the stem since I told her they have the thorns that hurt.

Doll house

Lola loves playing with her dollhouse. We play with on and off all day. She really likes to take all of the furniture out of the house and add only a couple pieces. She also likes to add more animals to it, like the cow or her sea otters.
Here is Lola wearing her blanket as a cape. She thought this up all on her own one morning.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cloudy Day at the beach

We went to the beach on Monday and we were able to see how a foggy day on the coast compared to a sunny day at our side of the peninsula. Lola really enjoyed playing in the sand and watching for whales (we didn't see any). On Tuesday Aunt Nichie came to see me play at my gym.

Aunt Nichie came for a visit

My Aunt Nichie came for a visit this week. I was so excited to share my room with her. When she arrived I showed her around 'our' room and helped her make up the bed. Then I jumped in and had her read me a couple of stories. Later that night we went to a church potluck where Aunt Nichie helped me make a mother's day card. On Saturday we went to the zoo! Oh, I had soo much fun riding the train and the carousel. Aunt Nichie and mom took turns giving me piggy back rides.