Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last Day -Zoo

We decided on our last day we should check out Lola's favorite place in the whole world. The ZOO. She loves going to the zoo. It was really close to our hotel. We were saddened to see the elephants feet were chained. It was so hot that we made a quick lap around, mostly to just let Lola run off her energy before she had to take the 5 hour flight back home.

Day Three on the island

We headed strait to the beach after breakfast. Lola could have played in the ocean for the whole day! The water is amazing clear. We even saw a jelly fish. After the beach we went to Pearl Harbor to look around. It was a very soul quieting place. Then we went to the hotel to get ready for our luau. We had to drive back around the island to the Polynesian cultural center. We decided that next time we should spend the whole day there. It was a very interesting place to visit. We went on a little canoe ride too. We really enjoyed the luau. It was a great way to spend our last night in Hawaii.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 3- Luau night

We had made reservations to go to a Luau for our last night. During the day we headed to the beach after eating at the hotels delicious breakfast buffet. Lola had soo much fun digging in the sand and pouring water on herself. Then we headed over to the Pearl Harbor. We didn't take any of the tours because of our energetic little Lola. She would much rather run all over the place then wait in line. We did get to see the memorials though, it was a very soul quieting place. From there we went back to the hotel to get ready for our authentic Hawaiian Luau. We had to drive back to the other side of the island to the Poly

Day Two at O'Ahu

Since we rented a car we decided on our second day we would drive around the island. We headed out around the famous Diamond head crater. Then around to the beautiful Lanikai beach. We went on a little canoe ride in the ocean. It was so fun but a little chilly for Lola. Then we drove past the North beach were school had just ended for the day and every high school student was headed out to surf the afternoon away. We stopped at the Dole Pineapple plantation for a train ride and tour. It was totally amazing! Lola liked it, especially the pineapple ice cream. We made it bake to Honolulu just in time for rush hour traffic. We ended up getting off the high way because it was stopped and toured around downtown for a little while. We picked up some Wolfgang's to eat in our room because by then we were all so tired. It was such a fun day!


What a wonderful Valentines Vacation! We went to Waikiki for a few days to just unwind and see the beauty of Hawaii. It was so amazing! Lola did great on the flight. And do I need to mention she LOVED the ocean. She could have played on the beach all day. We had half a day the first day, so we went to the beach - which was a walk across the street from our hotel. Man, Lola loved it, loved it, loved it! The water was so clear and warm.

Aunt Nichie day 3

On Aunt Nichie's last day we went down town San Francisco to see fisherman's Wharf and the sea lions. We also went to see the submarine. Which made Lola nervous to be inside. We went to the Ghirardelli square for an ice cream sunday. Then we headed over to our neighborhood park so Aunt Nichie could see where we play. It sure was a fun visit. love ya Aunt Nichie!

Aunt Nichie Day two

On the second day we ate breakfast at our new favorite breakfast place. Next we went to Half Moon Bay to see the ocean. Lola and Aunt Nichie played in the sand and walked up and down the beach. It was beautiful weather. Then we drove down Highway 1 to see the coast, some parts of the drive were foggy- it was really cool. We drove to Monterey to see the aquarium. Lola really wanted to see the turtles, but they were out on the roof working on their tan.( they were getting sun to get the vitamin d- they need it too) So we finally had to tell her that they were taking a nap and she was ok with that answer. We made it back in time for pizza at our local pizza parlor.

Aunt Nichie came for a visit

Aunt Nichie came for a visit. We sure were glad to see her. We've missed her in so many ways. When she first arrived we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge then headed over to the Muir Woods. Aunt Nichie was very glad to thaw out since Keystone has been covered in snow since the ski season has started. Then we went to our mall and ate some chinese food for dinenr. Lola showed her around the apartment and the bed she was going to sleep in. Lola was so happy.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi Honey

Lola is picking up words all the time. In the morning Mom usually says "Hi Honey". Well, for several mornings Lola has made mom's day by starting the day off with telling mom-Hi honey mom. It's so cute. Here are some other new words...pocket, jacket, monkey, yellow, blue, tooth brush, barn, boat and she will repeat the alphabet letter by letter. Also a lot of the animals that she used to only refer to by their sounds she calls woof dog now and oink pig and neigh horse. Oh and purse, she picks up what ever bag is laying around and says purse, bye bye. And pretends to leave. It's so fun. She even calls daddy's computer bag 'daddy's purse'.

Feeding the Koi

We just happened to be at the right place at the right time one day this week. We heard a dinner bell ringing in this garden and headed over to see what was going on there. Well, they were feeding these giant Koi goldfish. Guess what they eat?! Cheerios, they were having cheerios for breakfast. We were actually very lucky to have been there at that time because the park ranger said they don't feed them very often in the winter. Lola loved it! We miss our 50 gallon fish tank. We have replaced it with a 1/2 gallon fish bowl and a beta fish we call Wahoo. Mom says that it's a lot lot lot easier to clean.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday PaPa

I was thinking of my PaPa in Oklahoma. We want to wish him a happy Birthday.

Apple please

Lola's new favorite food is apples! She is very interested in helping Mom out in the kitchen. She'll have a bowl and spoon then stir and taste what ever mom throws her way. It's really been surprising to hear her name so many different things in the kitchen. Her vocabulary has grown so much in the past month.

Things that are different

There are so many things that are different. But here are some that make us smile a little. One is that in order to get to target we have to get on the interstate. Another is that it only takes one hour to clean the entire house. Another is the frogs. We hear them croaking at night after it's been raining. It's so soothing. We have a washer and dryer that is half the size of the one we used to have and so we are doing laundry everyday at least one load. Pretty much half of the places you go you have to pay a meter to park. So we ended up going to the bank to get a couple rolls of quarters to keep in the car. There are hummingbirds everywhere! It's so fun to look out the window and see them zipping around. And squirrels. Lola learned to say squirrel and nuts. They're running around gathering nuts and digging in the dirt. She really loves to watch them and hear them bark at her.