Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two Teeth

Did we mention Lola has two teeth now. The bottom two. She enjoys chewing on everthing including daddy's check and mommy's wrist. We thougth it would be fun for her to have her own tooth brush too. She likes watching mom and dad use theirs so we picked her one up. She will try to do it then just chew on it. Its so cute.

Pulling herself up

Lola has been pulling herself up to get into her toy bins. She can be pretty determined to get something. Also, she doesn't have such a short memory either. If she is playing w/ something that mom or dad decides she shouldn't be, then we used to could just give her something to replace it. But not now. If you take something from her that she was enjoying - watch out she will let you know (in a very loud voice) right away that she thinks your mean..... mostly cell phones, paper towels or plastic bags are her favorites.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Finger Food

Lola has started eating some finger foods for babies. She eats some called wagon wheels and some star puffs. It is fun to watch her tiny fingers pick them up and aim for her mouth. The stars are more challenging but she can do it. We decided she doesn't really like the carrot flavored ones. Everytime we would give her a carrot flavored one she would 'drop' it for the dogs. With further investigating we decided that she was only dropping the carrot ones. It sure made foxy and tator happy though. They follow her around in the walker and vacuum up after her.

Happy girl

Lola is such a happy girl. She gives kisses to the people she knows. When she goes to work with Mommy she gives all the kids in the class a hug. At the mall she waves and talks to people. And our special friend at the grocery pharmacy knows her by name-since we go to the grocery practically everyday. Our doll is definately a gift from above.

Figuring things out

Lola has her Daddy's puzzler. She is always trying to figure something out. She turns her toys over to see what's on the other side. She loves the open the flap books where there is something hiding on the other side. She will pull the flaps herself and she gets really excited. She pushes the different buttons on the keyboard to change the sound. She opens the cabinets in the kichen. It is so amazing how her little brain is working.

7 months

Lola is 7 months now. She is really trying to be on the move. She likes to roll across the room. But she is trying to crawl when she really wants something. We sure are having some fun with this girl.