Thursday, January 24, 2008

Soggy day at the Zoo

At last we made it to a zoo. Lola asks to go nearly everyday. We used to go at least once a week in Colorado. The day we went was raining on and off. Lola was more interested in splashing in the puddles than looking for the animals. We did see the giraffes and the monkeys and flamingos. We also had to take a spin around the carousel.

Muir Woods

We went to visit Muir National Woods. It was so beautiful and the weather was great! We sure had fun exploring. Lola found a twig that she carried around with her. She had fun looking for birds and looking at the water in the creek. We hope some of our friends can come visit so we can take them here.

Having a Routine

We try to have some routine to our busy days of house hunting. Lola's becoming more of a night owl than her usual early bird self. We take Dad to work and have a morning of play. Then have a little lunch and try to get out for some fresh air. Afternoon naps have been varied but she's still taking one from either 30 min to a couple of hours. Here she is with a bow in her hair. She likes to take them out soon after Mom puts them there.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

We went to Fisherman's Wharf to see the sea lions. What fun! They were all just laying on the dock soaking in the sun. Lola liked to hear them barking. We let her take a couple of spins on the carousel too.

Golden Gate Bridge

We went for a cruise across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a beautiful day. Lola thought that the sailboats were cool. We feel like we are really living in San Francisco now that Lola has been to the bridge.

Half Moon Bay Beach

We went to Half Moon Bay to look for a place to live. While we were there we went to the beach. It was so Beautiful! Lola really liked to hear the water. We didn't let her play in it because it was not very warm. Lola enjoyed picking up the sand and watching the waves crash.

Meeting my Great Great Great Aunt Betty

Here I am with my Aunt Betty. She was so excited to finally meet me. We went to dinner with her family at a great Persian restaurant.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We have arrived!

Finally! After 5 days on the road we made it to San Francisco. Lola, Candace the cat and I all seem to have survived the trip. We did take a detour in Vegas to spend a couple of days and celebrate Candace's birthday. I have started work and Candace and Lola are busy trying to find a house. Hopefully we will be able to get something in the next couple of weeks so we can provide family members with the new address.