Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Me and Mom

One of my most used words during the day is mom moooom mommmmm. I say it alot. but my mom says she doesn't care. Here's a pic of me and my mom on a Sunday morning after church.

Playing ball

I am getting really good at playing ball. I can catch it when someone rolls it to me. And sometimes I can roll it back. I have this big pink ball and a little pink one. Daddy says I need to practice my Handling Skills for March Madness. Here I am with my cool Aunt Nichie.

8 months old

Lola is eight months old now. She can crawl all over the place and she pulls herself up on all the furniture. She is so friendly when we go out. She loves music and dancing. And Animals! Dogs and cats of course but pretty much any fluffy thing. We go to the library every week and check out a dozen books. She loves to have someone read to her. She still has some favorites at home that we have to read daily- Jamberry, Peekaboo Zoo, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and the Hungary little caterpillar. Mom and Dad are glad to be able to get outdoors lately and take the princess to the park.


Lola can wave hello now. We love it. The first time she waved was to her Aunt Nichie. It was so cute. Mostly she just waves her whole arm. But the last few days she has done a little waving with her fingers.

Feeding Granny's Cat Soccer

I love my granny's cat Soccer. He is so big and white. I chased poor Soccer all over the house while I was visiting. When Soccer would walk in the room I would squeal with excitement and demand to go after him. I even tried feeding him some of my snacks.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Kentucky for Daddy's Birthday

We went to Kentucky for the weekend of my daddy's birthday. I saw my Aunt G.G. and Uncle Brian. My Granny and Grandpa Buntin and my Great Granny too. It snowed for us the first day.

Happy Valentine's Day

Daddy bought mommy some pink roses and Ms Lola enjoyed playing with them. We had a nice evening at home. For Valentines Mom and Dad picked out a sweet little bunny bank for her. She liked playing with the ribbon from the box alot.

little polka dot bikini

Lola has been to the pool a few times and her daddy picked her out this cute little polka dot bikini. She really enjoys going in the lazy river. She chases the kids and reaches out like she wants to catch them.

Princess of the Kitchen

Lola loves to help in the kitchen. She really likes to reach into the dishwasher and try to take out the silverware. If we are using a spatula then she needs to use one. She pats the dogs on the head with it.

Baby leapfrog

Lola has a baby leapfrog. She likes to turn the pages and hear the music. She hasn't figured out that she should touch all the little pictures yet.