Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mom has occasionally tried to put a pony tail in Lola's hair, however it usually only lasts an hour. But the last couple of times Lola has left them in her hair. She even was a little upset this last time when we took it out for bed. Daddy thinks she looks like Pebbles from the flintstones.

Chilly day at the beach

We went to the beach this weekend. It was such a sunny day on our side of the peninsula but on the beach the wind was a bit chilly for Lola doll. She used the beach towel as a blanket the whole time. It was fun seeing the tourists try to swim in the freezing water. Also there were lots of people taking pony rides along the waters edge. Lola loved seeing the horses. We picked up a few pieces of sea shell to send to people. Once home Lola put one of the bigger pieces of seashell in the fish bow.

Let me show you

We had a fun morning playing with Lola's friend. He showed her how to use the lawn mower and the baseball bat. She loves playing at his house because he has different toys than she does. She also climbed into his old swing. Which was hilarious until she wouldn't come out. She ate her snack while being squeezed in it. Crazy girl.

New swim suit

Lola is very lucky to have such a surplus of clothes and toys. One day while mom was looking for some more swim diapers she came across a couple of swim suits that were put away for this year. They were on clearance at the end of last season -note be on the look out this year too. So when Lola saw this cute ballerina one she just had to wear it that day to the pool. She danced around with it all over the house.

Taking 'baby' for a walk

Lola loves taking her 'babies' for a walk. She seems to enjoy all of her stuffed toys equally, but they have their own day. One day it's the zebra another day its the sea otter or elephant. Here she is taking her zebra for a walk wearing her new jellies. When mom saw them at target she had to buy a pair for Lola. She sure is a doll. We stop to smell the roses-literally- and say hello to the birds and ducks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lola's little friend

Lola has a little friend from church. He just adores her. We went shopping the other day w/him and his mom. If Lola went out of sight he would ask, "Where's Lola?" They even shared a snack.

Outdoor girl

Lola loves being outdoors. She likes to investigate all the different leaves and flowers. When we go to the park she always seems to find something to bring home to put in a cup of water.

Swimming in the afternoons

We have been swimming a few afternoons.It's been nice for Lola to let out some of her energy before bedtime (and Mom can cook dinner). She has really made progress from last summer. She seems so close to swimming. We let her jump in and she will blow bubbles. She has such a good time.

Daddy's Flying Lesson

For my daddy's birthday I gave him a flight lesson. He finally had the opportunity to go and try out his skills in the sky. He said he had so much fun.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dutch Windmill

The coolest thing Grammy saw while she was here was the Dutch Windmill in the Golden gate park. There were so many tulips. It was so amazing. Lola was ill that day so just Mom and Grammy went down to see it.

The little park

After Grammy fixed my hair we took Grammy to see the little park. It was Beautiful with so many trees in bloom. Grammy liked seeing the rose garden which has green leaves but the roses aren't ready yet. Also she liked seeing the Koi like Lola. Grammy even rode the train w/ me.


We spent a wonderful day at the Monterey Aquarium. It was full of people like the Oklahoma zoo due to spring break. Grammy loved to see the giant aquarium w/ the sharks and turtle.

Grammy comes for a visit

My Grammy came to visit me. We took her to all of the postcard spots.


We took Lola to see the Wiggles! We talked about it all day. We kept telling her that we are going to see the Wiggles. She had a very curious look on her face. Then when we were driving there she had the same curious look. Once we arrived at the theater she saw all of the kids wearing Wiggles shirts and hats and ballerina dresses. Her curious look turned into more of an excited expression yet you could tell that she still didn't knowww... Well, we were in the first row of seats off of the floor and she could see everything! When the singers came out she just sat in her chair w/ the blankest face she ever made. We couldn't decide if she was amazed or scared or happy or what. Well, When the Characters came out- Wags, and Dorothy - OH she lost it. She jumped up and started dancing and hopping around. She shook her head and sang some of the songs. She danced for the rest of the show. She was soooo Happy. Her daddy and I were so happy too to see her enjoy something so much.

Egg hunt

We went to church and afterwards there was an Easter Egg hunt. Lola had been practicing at home by picking up the eggs that mom hid. They wanted everyone to wait for the whistle before picking up the eggs. She couldn't wait. So when she would pick up an egg early we would put it back. By the time they blew the whistle she was too interested in running around like a wild woman. We finally convinced her to pick some up and then she discovered there was candy inside. Then she wanted to only open them and eat it! We had so much fun watching her.

PaPa & Tator

We visited my Grandpa and Grandma Randall a lot while we were in Oklahoma. They are taking care of my Tator for a while. Lola sure misses all of them now that we are home.

Hi Tanner

We spent an evening w/ my friend Leslie and her family. Lola and Tanner were having fun playing and dying eggs. Lola even gave their pet rabbit a carrot!

Easter in Oklahoma

We went to Oklahoma to visit for Easter and to bring our dog home. (He ended up staying in OK for now though) We spent time w/ our friend Audrey and her cousin Abby at the zoo. It was so fun but crazy because it seemed like the whole state of Oklahoma was at the zoo that day- spring break. We also saw Audrey play soccer which made Lola want to play too.