Friday, February 27, 2009

playing kitchen w/ Grammy

My grammy came to visit me and we sure had fun playing in my kitchen that Daddy made me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

purple tongue

How surprised she was to see her tongue turn purple! Who gave her that purple sucker anyways?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

xoxo bubba

Thanks for coming to visit me! too bad you couldn't stay for a month.

Guitar lessons spreading around the house

With Bubba's gift of guitar we are all getting into the groove of practicing. Lola is always eager to strum along.

Weekend with Bubba Eric

Spending a couple of hours at the seashore is a must when Lola has company. We love sharing the beauty and magic of the ocean. We saw our first wild sea star and a baby harbor seal that seemed to be a little lost:( He wondered up on the beach and climbed up on these huge rocks and barked for his/her momma. Mommy has learned to read the tide charts so we know when to visit at the best times. We wish we could send you the smell of the ocean too via internet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ice Skating

Lola went ice skating with her friend Lily today. She had soo much fun. She was no where near skating by herself, but she loved sliding along holding mommy's hands. It was fun to see the girls enjoy themselves doing something new.

happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Valentines Day!

Making lemonade with her boyfriends.

3 lemons and 3 kids, let's make some lemonade... We had fun squeezing and squishing the juice out of some lemons that Daddy brought home from work. They added the sugar and some water and then stirred and stirred. And of course after all of the work they drank it all up...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


On the way to the aquarium we all talked about what animal creature we wanted to see. Lola wanted to see the sea otters and Daddy wanted to see the sharks and Mommy wanted to see the jelly fish and octopus eggs. What fun it is to watch the doll run from exhibit to exhibit with a curious happy glow about herself. We enjoyed a sweet sundae at the ice cream shop afterwards.

Rainy day at Coyote Point

We went with Lola's girlfriends to see the vulture at Coyote Point  It was a rainy day so the girls all had fun splashing in the rain puddles, well that was until Lola became too wet and just wanted to go home to dry off :) We saw a grandpa river otter who was happily swimming in the cold water and a fox, and a bobcat and an owl. Inside the museum the girls loved the wind exhibit where they tossed different shaped flowers into the air tunnels and let them fly over their heads.

New dress

Mommy finally finished a dress for her little doll. Lola loved it and was eager to try it on. Mommy's looking forward to making many more little things.

New dress

Mommy finally finished a dress for her little doll. Lola loved it and was eager to try it on. Mommy's looking forward to making many more little things.

playing with friends

Lola sure had fun playing with her friend the other day. They played doll house and in Lola's new pink kitchen. They danced to the pink pig and played musical instruments. They played with the baby dolls and stuffed bears. One thing they reallly enjoyed was making bead necklaces.


We've all known that Lola is a Princess, it has only been recently that she's figured out exactly what that means.

Cowgirl like Jessie

Having cowgirl boots like Jessie is a huge thing around our house. Lola loves wearing them. She rides her little stick horse around saying YeeHaw!

bedtime routine

We have a pretty regular bedtime routine. After dinner we give the Doll a bath. Then brush her teeth and blow dry her hair. After all the bathroom duties we head in for a few bedtime stories and a little Bible story devotion. Then we say our prayers and she hops into bed. We let her watch a movie on her tv to let her fall asleep watching. If Daddy tries to distract her she tells him "I'm getting ready for bed."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SF Zoo w/ boyfriends

Any day at the zoo is always a fun memory. We went with Lola's boyfriends this week. They had a baby giraffe that was only a week old. The daddy kept reaching over the fence to give the baby a kiss. Also, we saw a  baby kangaroo in a pouch. We all thought it was funny watching the baby's head bounce around when the momma hopped. Also,,, Lola thought it was hilarious that a peacock had pooped on a bench. She laughed and laughed about it.