Friday, December 12, 2008

Ginger Bread 101

This is our first attempt at making a gingerbread house. I found a great recipe @food network called Gingerbread 101 and it's pretty tasty. Lola helped cut out the shapes and Daddy helped sand them to be straight once they were baked. Then mom worked on the decorating. It's a lot harder than it looks.... This was fun to practice on and we learned a lot but we're determined to make a more ... uh lets say Magical one.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Church Christmas Dinner

Our church held a Christmas dinner and ornament decorating night. It was fun to spend a night in fellowship during this wonderful time of year. The kids were supposed to use the ornaments they made to decorate the church's tree, but Lola wanted to take her candy cane home. So we have it on her tree here at the house. This is one of her little friends from Sunday school.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow in California

We actually were able to play in snow just a few miles down the road..How is that possible you may be wondering... well, it was artificial snow, but snow none the less. Lola was really excited to see it and touch it. It was a tiny little patch the city made up for the kids to play on. They also had the history museum open and Lola pretended she was riding a stage coach. She kept wanting to close the flap.

submitting her request

All I want for Christmas is a PINK CAR.... she tells Santa. She stood up with him and chatted for a minute or two and then was convinced to sit on his lap to take a picture.

Our big Girl

Not much to say about this, but man our little girl is growing so quick!

Our big Girl

Not much to say about this, but man our little girl is growing so quick!

Happy Mini Thanksgiving

Since we didn't actually cook on Thanksgiving we were all going through Thanksgiving leftover withdrawls. So we made a turkey breast and some stuffing balls and some green bean casserole and a pecan pie. It was just enough to help us make it to the next Holiday feast.

homemade Christmas

For Christmas we're trying to make a lot of her Christmas presents. We're building her a kitchen and to go along with it one night we made some clay food. Here's a preview.

San Diego Zoo!

The day following the feast we were at the most beautiful zoo any of us had ever seen, the San Diego Zoo. We loved seeing the Pandas. Lola loved riding on the sky gondola, Mommy not so much. We didn't see everything but what we saw was nice. How many people can say they've seen a Panda? ( Which by the way are on loan from China)

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving we drove down to LA to visit Great Great Aunt Betty and her family. It was beautiful weather and Lola enjoyed a dip in the Pacific Ocean before dinner. She was enjoyed running up and down the beach barefooted too. 

Painting Princess

Art has become a regular part of our afternoon routine. Since Doll rarely naps we find some quiet activities help Mom to regain her thoughts for the day.