Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach after Church

After teaching Sunday school we headed over to the beach for a little picnic. It was such a nice day. It was even warm enough that Lola actually wanted to play in the surf. She tired momma out so daddy had to take a turn. She hardly played in the sand; she just wanted to let the waves crash on her legs.

Zoo trip

Well, we think it's official that now Lola's favorite part of going to the zoo is to brush the goats. She spent an entire 1/2 hour playing in the goat pin. It was feed the beast day at the zoo, so everyone was suppose to bring in something to share with the animals. The first 200 people could go in the elephant pin to ''hide" it for the 5 elephants. We brought some peaches and received free ride tokens (Yeah!). We took daddy on a train ride. It was a fun morning.

Thanks for nice shades!

We all love the shades Lola received for her birthday from Audrey and the Spotts. She wears them all the time. She has a mouth full cookies here. Thanks for the shades and the clothes too!

Thanks for the new clothes!

Lola loved her new out fits from Grammy. She kept trying to wear the skirt over her pajamas. She's holding a fish that she taps to make music. On this afternoon we were making a lot of it. Notice the bells on the floor too.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July night

For the evening we ate a little dinner at home then bundled up to go to the ocean. We headed back over the hill to watch the fireworks at HMB. We both agree that it was one of the coolest things we have done. At the beginning of the night there were still surfers out in the water. So that was cool to watch. It was a foggy night and the fireworks lit up the sky with a cool effect. It was so fun to be on the beach and watching them. Definitely the coldest fourth of July we either could remember but certainly the most unforgettable. It was our first outing with Granny's quilt.We wish our family could have seen it too.

4th of July day

For the day of the 4th- we went on a buggie ride then drove over the hill to watch a parade at Half Moon Bay where Lola saw her friends from church. Then we went to this little farm playland where she was able to ride a pony and feed some goats and jump  in a bouncy house. After that we headed home to rest for the long night ahead.

Brusha brusha Brusha

Lola is on a good road to dental health with as much as she brushes her teeth. She's been through 3 tooth brushes at least and she's only 2.

Tug o War

One of Lola and Winston's favorite things to do is to play tug o war. They use an old sock of Daddy's. She hangs on and on. It's fun watching them play together.

To the Zoo to the Zoo

We went to the zoo on a lazy Saturday Morning. Lola had fun running all over the place and of course petting the goats.

Thank you too!

Granny and PaPaw from Kentucky sent Lola an assortment of fun in a box. Lola loved, loved the chocolate. She was very tickled to have the new puzzle too.

Thank you too!

Granny and PaPaw from Kentucky sent Lola an assortment of fun in a box. Lola loved, loved the chocolate. She was very tickled to have the new puzzle too.

Thank You!

Aunt GiGi and Uncle Brian sent Lola some fun toys for her birthday. She loves the pink teddy bear. Everyday we go out on the deck and blow some bubbles with her new Dumbo bubble blower.

Birthday Night

Happy Birthday Doll! We made Lola a teddy bear birthday cake and Lola had fun blowing out the candles. She looks so determined.

Birthday day

Lily came over for a playdate on Lola's birthday. The girls are getting along so good. We played and played then we even went swimming.

Say 'Cheese' Winston

Lola and Winston play together in the afternoons. They're funny the way they both tease the cat. Here they are both looking a little suspicious.

Such a big Girl!

Lola felt right at home at vbs with the older girls helping her from room to room. She looked like such a big girl in this picture where she was working on her craft for the day.

Nice hat!

Every day at Vbs we add a charm to our beach hat to remind us of our key point. The first day it was an orange fish that said Obey God. The second day was a sea star that said be kind. They also were able to decorate their hats. The older girls helped Lola by adding her name.

Snack @VBS

Lola seems to think snack time is the coolest part of vbs. She goes from station to station, but when it's snack time she's genuinely excited!