Tuesday, April 10, 2007

tug o war

My dog Foxy is a good dog. She lets me pull her hair and feed her my crackers. She is always making sure the cats don't get too close. She follows me everywhere I go. Lately her and I have been playing tug o war. She doesn't ever let me win.

My 1st Bubble Bath

Mom finally let me have a bubble bath. She kept waiting and waiting. She thought my skin might be too sensitive. One day she realized that she was letting me go to the pool and I didn't have any problems so a bubble bath couldn't hurt. Man, I thought it was sooo cool and I hardly tried to eat them.

Bubba Adam home for Spring Break

My brother Adam came home for a few days during spring break.
He came to the park and played with me and mom. I am so little compared to him.

All the colors of the Rainbow

Here I am with the toy my Grandma from Kentucky gave me for my 1st Christmas. It plays some songs that I jam out to. One in particular song is "All the colors of the Rainbow". My daddy says that he even sings it when he goes to work.

Me & Dad

Here I am with my Dad. I sure have a lot of fun with him. I like going to the park and having him push me in the swing. He likes watching me dance. He helps me to walk around by letting me hold on to his hands. I also like giving him a goodnight kiss too. Love ya Dad!