Thursday, July 27, 2006

A day with mom

Now that I am a month I sure do enjoy certain things a lot. At the begining of each day I hepl Mom feed all of our animals - a cat, two dogs, and some fish. One thing I like to do in the morning is to look at my cute self in the mirror. I will lay in front of a mirror for about 20 minutes just as happy as could be. After breakfast mom usually tries to run at least one errand out of the house and I get to ride in my carseat. I have stopped being so fussy about it. I will take about an hour nap and then I'm ready to eat some lunch which is milk for now. After I fill my belly I am ready for a snooze that lasts from a couple hours to four hours depending on what I feel like. Mom attempts to do some house work then or something fun like knit or make cards. When I wake up I am ready to eat again. I will hang out on the couch after that or have my big brother read me a story or swing in my cool swing. Then it will be about time for Daddy to come home. I like to sit in my bouncy chair and listen to him clatter the pans while cooking dinner. After dinner I hang out and listen to everyone talk and watch tv. Mom tries to feed me a good night dinner around 9 0r 10 to make sure I sleep for a good 4 hours. Sometimes I fall asleep with Mom in her big bed and then Daddy comes and places me in my crib.

A month!

Little Lola turned a month old. She is weighing in at around 10lbs. She is eating about 4 oz at a setting and staying awake about most of the day and only waking Mommy up at 12 or 2 depending on when she goes to sleep. She is still fitting her newborn onsies but is really pushing the edge newborn diapers.

My third week

I started off my third week by taking Daddy to the airport on Monday. He had to go to a meeting in Cambridge. On Tuesday Mommy & I woke up to no electricity. Luckily, it was not a super hot day. Mrs. Anderson & her two daughters came to play with me. The electricity finally came on 6 hous later. On Wednesday I went with Mommy to my first prayer circle. We talked about the women's mission for this fall. There are such loving women in Mommy's prayer group. Later that day Daddy came home from his trip and brought me a surprise- a book, Make way for Ducklings, that is famous from Boston. He read it to me too! On Thursday we went to church to visit some more new friends. Marcia fed me lunch. Then we went to the mall but I slept the whole time. On Friday we went to eat fried chicken in Castle Rock and there were a bunch of people there who were going to the rodeo. They kept waking me up so Daddy had to hold me during dinner. Saturday we went shopping for me a stroller. Sunday we went to church and then I watched the race with Daddy while Mommy went to see The Devil wears Prada at the movies with her friend. Then Sunday evening my brother Eric returned from his mission trip to Kentucky. Enjoy these photos.

Monday, July 17, 2006

My second week

On day 12 my belly button stem fell off. On day 13 I watched my first race with daddy while mommy went to see the pirate moviewith my brothers. On day 14 some friends brought us dinner- Maggiano's-Huge thanks to Kumu and Ganesh. On day 15 Grandma Carter came to visit for half a day and took me to Sonic for my first time. On day 16 I went with mommy and the neighbor for a girls lunch at Panera Bread. On day 17 I went for my check up at the doctors, where they told me I weighed 8lbs and 8 oz. They also pricked my foot to take some blood - which made me cry and cry. The doctor said I looked great. On day 18 we took my brother Eric to church at 6 in the morning so he could go on the mission trip. Then later we had a girls night in while my big brother Adam went to the races with daddy. On day 19 mom and dad took me shopping for a dress to wear to church and all the sales ladies wanted to help me. On day 20 mommy and daddy took me to church and Ms Skipp held me the whole service. Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Daddy went back to work

Today was Mommy & Lola's first day home alone. We started our day off with a little bath- with no crying! Then a big nap. After lunch she wanted the tv on to fall asleep. Daddy came home after that. It was a great first day home alone.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Happy 1 week birthday Lola

Today Lola is 1 week old. She spent alot of time awake.Once she stayed awake from feeding to feeding. During dinner she sat and played in her little bouncy chair.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Hello Grandpa & Grandma Randall

Lola met her Grandma & Grandpa Randall from Oklahoma today. They are visiting for the weekend. She is staying awake longer. It's been fun to spend some time with her with her eyes open.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Lola's first favorite book

During diaper changes Miss Lola has found it so fun to look at the book TAILS. She will just look and look at the cover of the book. When she is on her back she will roll to her side to see it. At the doctor's visit she told us to let Lola have a couple minutes of belly time to help her start to use her back muscles. When we layed her on her stomach she almost rolled over -it was really amazing watching her kick her legs.

Our Doll

Our Doll- Mommy is giving Lola the nickname Doll. She is so beautiful! She has stolen her Daddy's heart and makes her Mommy cry with joy. Lola is such a good baby. We are thankful for her health and feel blessed to have such a calm little bundle of happy girl.

Nap time during the day

During the day we let Lola sleep in her bassinet downstairs (in the airconditioning). Mommy has been trying to rest in the afternoon on the sofa bed- which is also known as the cat house per Virgil, our cat has claimed this new found lounge to be the perfect place to sleep ALL day long. The trouble with the twin sleeper is that the Zoo has to be quite cozy.

Our Little Angel

Our little angel has brought us such joy. It's hard to wait the 3 hours to feed her. We want to hold her every minute. Lola has set a pretty regular feeding schedule with the longest stretch from midnight to 4:30 or 5 am. It is so amazing how much she changes each day. Mommy and Daddy are so proud.