Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting ready for the new year

With some left over felt and some sequins we whipped up a little Happy New Year Banner. It's so nice to find uses for scraps of stuff:) Lola really was into it. She likes the nights she can stay up as late as she wants. Oh, and notice the hat? Well, that's her 'adventure girl' hat. She puts it on and has adventures with her chipmunk toys. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zoo lights!

For Christmas, Grammy gave us passes to the zoo. So we took advantage of them right away by heading over to Zoo lights. It was very lovely, but freezing. We even convinced the bubbas to come along who didn't complain about the cold once:) Afterwards we made some hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm up our frozen fingers. "YOU know mom, I think you can put marshmallows in hot chocolate..." Where does she get this stuff.

Trying her new princess baking set

Baking is always fun and add some Princess spoons and spatulas that's just icing on the cake... :) Why do the baking box sets always come with the worst mixes? We were both disappointed with the cakes, not the making the mess part, mind you. But I guess there's good news in making everything from scratch around our house, Lola notices what's good and wants junk.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks for the new hair supplies!

What a cool gift! Lola received a build your own hair clip set from her Aunt Brandy. It was so fun to match the flowers and sequins. She loved wearing the giant flower one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Eric and Lola worked on making some tasty houses. Here's Lola's all done.


Tea time cheers

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanks for my new dress!

Lola always could use clothes, what growing girl doesn't ? She especially loves dresses so her gift from Uncle Brian and Aunt GiGi was absolutely perfect. She is quite the fashionista..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thanks for the pj's & ponies:)

Popcorn, Ponies, PJ's... one content girl. One of her most favorite Christmas gifts was the little realistic ponies and the matching PJ's. She misses her real pony friends in PA, well, we both do:) Looking for a new stable is on the list for the new year.

Christmas Dinner with Virgil's Granny

Here's a peek at our morning

I've always wanted this!

 stocking surprises

 OH sweet an 'Herb' Garden.. Finally :)
A Kentucky Shirt.. I've always wanted one of these:)

Merry Christmas From the Prewitt's!

Christmas Morning 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Construction begins

OH the smell of gingerbread is so mouthwatering... We used this recipe and made the little christmas trees and houses. We'll decorate them another night. But oh, the smell is soo good! Construction has begun. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Dinner before Candlelight Service

Enjoying time together with family is a nice way to feel loved, isn't it? Virgil's mom made dinner one night and we just enjoyed visiting and listening to Christmas music before heading to church for Candlelight service. Lola sang with the kids at church during the children's time. She had fun being an angel.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ice Skating in the City

On a warm afternoon we met Dad for lunch then checked out the Ice Rink. Lola and Eric had a pretty good time. Look how she figured it out after a few laps.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas tree at church

During the church service at Granny's church they had everyone come help decorate the big tree at the front. Lola had daddy help her reach up to the top for some of ornaments. What a sweet time of year.

Carousel at mall

Whohoo! A mall in the area has an indoor carousel! What a treat. The doll picked her favorite animal at the moment a bird. Such simple joy of riding around.

Moving day

Well, the day has come my little ones for packing and boxes. For filling up the big Uhaul and pulling it away. Across the Appalachian at top speed. So if this programming thing doesn't work out the boys can always open a moving company:)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

School work to keep things normal

During the day while we sort through the list of rentals on hot pads, we're trying to keep some of the normal for the Doll. Luckily for homeschooling you can really set up school where ever you are, whether it's in line at the target, driving across country or at a hotel. And after all, we are suppose to keep track of the days so today counts:) Today she practiced her letters and did some reading and played with the play dough for quite a while. Plus the usual animal care ... lizard, cat, fish, crabs.....

Lola & scuba Santa

Who knew Santa could scuba! We took a field trip over to the new aquarium and found a very jolly fellow swimming with the sharks and manta rays and turtles. He gladly smiled for a picture, well, we think he was smiling:)

Jesse tree advent calendar

We usual do some sort of Advent count down but since all of our usual things are in storage, we had to find a quick solution. This was on the internet and you color a picture and read a Bible story with each one. I added the chains, you could just make them into ornaments, but we don't have a tree yet. Moving at Christmas is a very hard thing to do.

Feeding lorikeets @ the aquarium

Bonus! The aquarium had some lorikeets you could feed. But be warned, they are not very 'tame' and would much rather sit on the tree branch and have you tippy toe the cup up:) One even poked a hole in the bottom of the cup to get the juice all over the floor! Crazy birds. Very much a highlight for Lola since she is so into birds right now.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Library last day

Story time at the library was one of our favorite times in the week. Lola will miss her story teller Ms Linda. Also the weekly riddles they  had were pretty funny.