Friday, January 5, 2007

My Great Great Grandma Carter

I got to meet my Great Great Grandma Carter who is 90 years old. She let me play with her necklace and the remote control. She was really glad to see me. I loved meeting her. Also I met my Great Grandpa Jimmy. He made me laugh. One day Audrey and me helped mom make my great great grandma a birthday cake- her birthday is on Jan 4 and she is going to be 91 years old!

My 1st Trip to Oklahoma

I took my first road trip to Oklahoma. We visited lots of people. I met my mom's friend Audrey and My Great Grandma Ann. We also visited my Grandma and Grandpa Randall were I loved chasing their dog Abby that looks my dog Tator. She sure made me laugh, if I could have run after her I would have.

6 Months Old

I am 6 months old now. My mom made me some star cupcakes with L's on them.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Eating Homemade sweet potatoes

My mom is really into making me homemade baby food. One thing she made was sweet potatoes- I thought they were great.. Some other foods she has made me were pears (loved them), avacados (loved them), butternut squash (loved them), potatoes,(I thought they were pretty plain compared to everyting else). Of course I enjoy bananas and oranges and apples.

my 1st Christmas!

I had my 1st Christmas. It was so much fun taking the bows off the presents. I got some clothes, some toys and books. My mom and dad picked me out a really pretty doll that I can play with when I am older. My Aunt Nichie got me a xylephone that I LOVE to eat the stick. I sure had a wonderful time.

Me and my Great grandma fothergill

One day while we were in Kentucky we went to my Great Granny Fothergill. I had fun letting everyone hold me. She told me stories of catching turtles and eating them.

Me and Uncle Brian

My Uncle Brian was sure glad to meet me. My aunt Gretchen and Uncle Brian gave me a really sweet picture for my room callled the quilting lesson to remind me of Granny Lola who I was named after.

Me and Aunt Gretchen

I met my Aunt Gretchen from Kentucky. She gave me lots of hugs and fed me a bottle. I sure liked the dolly she gave me for Christmas.

Christmas in Kentucky

Here I am at my grandma's house taking a nap. I flew on an airplane to get there.

Little Claus.

Lola had this cute Santa Claus dress from her cousin. She looked really sweet in front of the tree. She wanted to take the bows off. Then Foxy came along and wanted to be in the picture too.