Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cute Baby

Here I am in front of our little tree. I have a pretty dress to wear every Sunday in December. I like this tree. When I am in my walker, I step over towards this little tree. I like to reach for the ornaments.

My 1st Visit w/ Santa

One day a few weeks ago I was at the mall with my Mom and her friend. As we were cruising the mall killing time for our lunch we ran into Old Saint Nick. My Mom let me have my picture taken with him. I was really interested in his furry coat. I was trying to eat it. I had lots of smiles for Santa but this was the cutest face I made. One for the memory books.

Me and Grammy Carter in the Snow

One day after a little snow, I had my Grammy take me for a little stroll with my snow suit keeping me all snug. I love being out in the cold air.

Helping in the kitchen

I love helping in the kitchen. Whether it is stirring with the wooden spoon or washing the dishes. I have also been able to help Dad do some real cooking- like here I am helping with grating cheese on the spagetti.

Sitting up in the bath

Our Lola doll has so much fun in the bath. Here she is sitting up.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

My friends came for a visit

My friends Kayla and Marie came to visit w/ their mom Ms Vickie. I showed them how to play the piano and let them read me a book. Also it was fun for them to push me around in the stroller.