Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Words @ 13 months

Here are her newest words.
Vroom Vroom(racecar)
Neigh (horse)
Duck, Quack
Rockin Rockin
B (Blanket, don't ask us why but she says it)
Belly B (Belly button)
And she adds two words now too!
Bye dadda
Hi Bubba
here foxy
no down

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Bubba's take me to the Zoo

My mom has these 'zoo passes'. I guess she thinks that means we need to go to the zoo a lot. My brother's came with me one time. They sure are fun guys to have around. They said that Mom used to take them to the zoo a lot too. I do love going though. When the weather cools down some I bet I will like it a lot more.

Audrey Comes for a Visit

My friend Audrey came for a visit for two weeks. We did so many fun things. The first couple of days I wasn't too sure if I really wanted her around all the time (I was a little mean-pintching and pulling hair) But by the end of the visit I was really glad she was here. We went to the zoo, and on the train ride and to the other zoo, and the aquarium and to Marcia's Farm in Kiowa and we baked together and went fishing and swimming. Everyday we helped mom water the garden and then played in the sand box. At night we read stories together. Man we sure had fun.

Family Reunion In Oklahoma

When mom went to Oklahoma to pick up my friend Audrey we stopped in at Grandpa's family reunion. I also got to see my cousin Alisha. We went swimming.

Cherry Creek Reservoir

I love going to the 'lake' with my brothers. They take me to ride the jet ski and pull me around in the tube. I love chasing the geese around and playing in the sand.I am quite the little tuber though. The first time I was like "what so fun about this?" But now I see the Jet ski in the garage And beg to go out. Thanks Bubbas!

Happy 4th of July

For the 4th of July Mom and Dad took me to the Cheyenne Mt Zoo. Where I could feed the giraffes. I was quite offened though that the Giraffe actually took the cracker which I planned on eating. Dad took me for a pony ride to cheer me up. It was a fun way to spend the day.

What I've learned to say in 12 months

Not only am I a really tall girl I am also a really talkative girl... (hmm dad wonder where I get that) Here is a list of words I say. Dada
Aunt Nicki
Woof Woof (Dog)
Meow (kitty)
Thank you
Bye Bye
Night Night

My Butterfly Birthday Party

My 1st birthday party was butterfly themed. My dad made me a super cool table for my friends to sit at. And my Aunt Nichie and Leslie made me some butterfly cupcakes (thanks to william sonoma cupcake pan). I had soooo much fun. I want to thank all of my friends and family for all of the wonderful gifts. We played pin the butterfly on the flower and painted butterflies. We had a butterfly pinata too.

My 1st Birthday!

Wow! My first birthday. My mom made me a cute little cake that I had no idea what to do with. I tried feeding it to everyone else. Can you believe how much I have grown! I am really a tall girl- in the 95% for height.

My first visit to the Children's Musuem

My Grammy took me to the children's museum. It was pretty fun. I tried out everything. I really liked the Blue Man Group exhibit.