Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cute Baby

Here I am in front of our little tree. I have a pretty dress to wear every Sunday in December. I like this tree. When I am in my walker, I step over towards this little tree. I like to reach for the ornaments.

My 1st Visit w/ Santa

One day a few weeks ago I was at the mall with my Mom and her friend. As we were cruising the mall killing time for our lunch we ran into Old Saint Nick. My Mom let me have my picture taken with him. I was really interested in his furry coat. I was trying to eat it. I had lots of smiles for Santa but this was the cutest face I made. One for the memory books.

Me and Grammy Carter in the Snow

One day after a little snow, I had my Grammy take me for a little stroll with my snow suit keeping me all snug. I love being out in the cold air.

Helping in the kitchen

I love helping in the kitchen. Whether it is stirring with the wooden spoon or washing the dishes. I have also been able to help Dad do some real cooking- like here I am helping with grating cheese on the spagetti.

Sitting up in the bath

Our Lola doll has so much fun in the bath. Here she is sitting up.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

My friends came for a visit

My friends Kayla and Marie came to visit w/ their mom Ms Vickie. I showed them how to play the piano and let them read me a book. Also it was fun for them to push me around in the stroller.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My big Brother Adam

I had fun with my big brother Adam who was visiting from college. He even read me one of my favorite stories while he was here. He promises to take me swimming when we visit him in Kentucky for Christmas. See you in a few weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had my first Thanksgiving. Even though I could't eat any of the dinner I still had a good time. My brothers were here and my Aunt Nichie and my parents friends came. We had a great feast that took Mom and Dad all day to make. We missed all of our families that were out of state and send hugs and kisses to them. I can't wait until next year so I can try the food.

Helping Daddy around the Kitchen

I love having Dad let me help around the kitchen. I help stir with a wooden spoon. I help empty the dishwasher. I help wash the dishes. And I help give cookies to the doggies.

Some new fun I have found

Some new fun things I have found to do at my house may seem silly but I enjoy them. One thing I like doing is playing with an empty paper towel roll. I like to pull Mommy's scarf through it. Some fun I have been having with Daddy is to sit on top of the pool table and have Dad roll the pool balls around. I love it! Also since I am getting so good at putting my things in my mouth like bottles and pacifiers I decided to try munching on Daddy's remote for the Tv.

Cute Orange Dress

I have this cute orange dress. My Mom wanted to show everyone a picture of me in it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My first Cold- 5 months old

I am now 20 weeks and I have my very first cold. What a crummy way to start my 5th month!. Dad and Mom feel so helpless with my runny nose and sore throat. I have been a real trooper though. I also have been wanting to chew on my teething ring alot these past few days too.

Where did my lamb go?

My Mom and I like to play with all of my stuffed animals. I practice hugging and kissing them. I can sit up pretty good now and pick them up but sometimes they are too big and I drop them quickly. My dogs keep a close watch over me to make sure the stinky cat doesn't come too close.

Neighbor to Neighbor

My Mom took me to her ladies Bible study on Wednesday called Neighbor to Neighbor. I had fun playing on the floor while they talked. Mom's friend Ruth gave me a big hug. We made plans to gather dinners for the less fortunate in our community for Thanksgiving. We talked about having grace in our lives. I enjoyed having all of mom's friends take turns holding me.

Aunt Nichie

My super cool Aunt Nichie is so much fun. I get to hang out with her now when my mom and dad are at work. I teach her how to play the piano and pet the dogs. I let her take me for a stroll around the house. She reads me my favorite stories and turns on my swing. She gives me plenty of hugs and kisses while my parents are at work.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Look at me holding my bottle

I've become really good at holding my own bottle, especially the little 5oz one. Also I'm getting alot better at petting Tator and Foxy.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Our little pilgrim

Lola doll wore this sweet bonnet that her great grandma made for her to church today. It was such a beautiful day today; we took her for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Maybe I'll be a piano player

Dad and Mom have set out a keyboard for me to play with. At first I would just watch them play it, but now I am finding out that I can make noise by slapping around on the keys. I enjoy my new toy but it is right next to the fish tank and I get distracted by the fish. So maybe I will be a piano player.....

My 1st Halloween

I was Tinkerbelle for my 1st halloween. I went to my Daddy's work to go trick or treating. I sure had fun picking a piece of candy from the candy dishes. Then since I could't eat it I would just make a candy trail behind me. I also enjoyed petting the tiny giraffe. I even helped my brother Eric pick our family pumpkin- even though it was still quite green. Mommy carved a Princess pumpkin for me. On Halloween night I helped my Mom pass out candy to all the children.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Our last day there

Our last day started with us making sure my brother Adam made it to the airport on time for his flight back to Kentucky. Then we headed over to the start of the freedom trail. We saw a lot of sites. Mom was glad to see the Ducks statue.

A Rainy Day in Boston

Saturday we woke up to a very rainy day. We decided to grab the umbrellas and venture out anyway. We went North Church and learned about how Paul Revere was a bell ringer there. From there we couldn't go much further because we were pretty wet. So we headed back to the mall by the hotel and grabbed some lunch. Then the girls took a nap while the boys went to the science museum. After that we took the subway to Harvard for a little stroll since the rain had let up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Duck Tour

What a beautiful day it was for us to be out walking around. I had my parents push me in myh stroller. We took a Duck tour after visiting my Daddy's work. It took us around Historic tourist points and it even took us in the water. It was fun.

So this is where my Daddy goes

After a long stay at the airport my brother mom and I finally made it to Boston at 3 in the morning. (United was faithfully behind schedule and I was a trooper through it all.) So needless to say we slept in Friday morning. I had visiting with my big brother Adam - who thinks I'm not such a ball of goo anymore. When everyone was ready, we headed to Daddy's office to meet some of the people he works with. And had a little bite to eat at Legal Seafood.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I want to try the spoon

I enjoy eating my cereal so much that I wanted to try to feed myself. Mom wouldn't really put much food on the spoon but I had fun aiming at my mouth. Today we are trying to get ready for our trip to visit my Dad in Boston. Mom gave me a bath and I gave Mom a nice wet floor to show her how much I enjoy splashing. Mom packed me some warm clothes, my pj's, some fun hats and of course some diapers. The crazy part of today is how much it has snowed at my house. Hopefully, we won't have any trouble at the airport. I can't wait to see my Daddy. He talks to me on the phone everyday and I miss him.

what i've been up to

Well, I have spent three days with just my Mommy. We went shopping and I picked out two books. We went for a couple of walks and I got to test out my new bundle me bag- it will definitely keep me warm on my trip. We went to the grocery store and I picked out some diapers- I always seem to need more of them. I even helped Mom cook dinner for Grammy and Aunt Nichie. When Grammy was reading me one of my new books (Peter Rabbit a popup book) I fell asleep in her arms. I must have been tired from helping out around the house. When I fell asleep my dogs tried to sneek in for a little attention.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our little Pumpkin

Check out the cute little pumpkin hat my brother gave me and he found me some halloween socks. This weekend we went to the new outdoor mall, it was a little chilly well actually it was sleeting on us. But it was fun anyways. Lots of people were out with their kids. There was a warm firepit. We picked up some candy for my big brother Adam. Then we had some pizza for dinner - well I only had some milk. Mom and Dad picked me out some Dr Seus Books and a really fun purple outfit.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My first cereal

In preparation for Lola's trip to Boston, we decided it would be a good idea to have a backup for food. She currently is only having fresh milk, however this past week we have had to unthaw a little from the reserve to keep up with her appetite. Lola was glad to try something new but lets just say she wasn't exactly thrilled with it. She made some really funny faces.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

4 months

By the way our Lola Doll is now 16 weeks old. She is eating about 6-8 oz 5 times a day. She even has been trying to hold her own bottle, key word trying. She is around12 1/2 pounds, wearing a 3-6 month onsie and mostly 6 months pants because her legs are so long. She still has beautiful blue eyes. The past few days she has been giving little hugs around the neck and ' a kiss'- an open mouth slobber on the cheek. She also likes to scream now, which is making it a little awkward at restaurants. Another thing she has liked to do is chew on Dad and Mom's fingers.

My 1st Snow

Last night it snowed a couple of inches at our house. Every thing was so fresh and white. My parents thought it would be fun to take me out in it. Well, I loved it. Mom even put a little bit of snow in my hand. I had such a big smile.

Me and Tator Tot

Tator and I have become such good friends. ( even though I pull his hair.) He gives me lots of kisses. He even taught me to pant! Which Mom and Dad think is too silly. But Tator is always wanting to see what I am doing. He will sit right next to me- I think that he really wants me to pet him. I love to take him for a walk when my parents give me a ride in my stroller.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lizzard Tongue

Our Lola doll has been sticking out her tongue a lot lately. It's so silly. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Friday we made a pot of beef stew. Saturday we picked up a freezer for the garage. Then watched the race. Sunday we went to church and a walk around the block. We took Tator with us on the walk and Lola watched him trot along in front of her stroller. Lola has been reaching so good. She even reaches out to pet the stinky cat. She has been trying so hard to push herself up. Also she can nearly sit up by herself on the floor.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Check out my High Chair

So Dad and Mom thought that I could start sitting at the table during dinner. But I have been reaching out so much lately to grab things that they found me a high chair to enjoy the dinner view. I still am only drinking milk but it is fun to see what's going on at the table. Mom has been reading up on how to make baby food so I will probably be able to eat some 'real' food in a month in a half.

Hey What's That?

The other day Mom dipped my pacifier in her lemonade And I was like "What is that?" Then the rest of the day I wanted Mom to change the taste of it. But she only would put water on it. For dinner another night we had some chips and guacamole. Dad gave me a chip to try. I loved that too. So there is more to eat than milk out there.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

My 1st trip to the Circus

Mom, Dad and Aunt Nichie took me to the Greatest show on earth..... the circus! Well it wasn't the greatest to me. I thought the music was too loud and I had Dad walk me around the arena. Mom sure was glad to see the elepants do their tricks.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Trying to Crawl!

Miss Lola decided that she is tired of being carried around all the time, so she has decided to try and start crawling. She can hold herself up and she starts to move her legs, of course that makes her fall down on her belly, but she is at least trying to move. Mom, Dad and brother Eric are working with Lola everyday to try and help her. Hopefully it wont be to long before she will be crawling around the house.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Cool New Jack in the Box

One of the books Mommy has been reading suggests toys for me. So lucky me I have a new Jack in the Box. I like to help Daddy hold the handle. I think that when the Jack jumps out that it scares my doggies. I have been playing with cloth books lately. I enjoy shaking them open then tossing them on the floor. I have been singing with the music that plays on my swing too. (Mommy will try to video tape it.)