Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Lola as Elmo

At our playdate, the little girl had an elmo costume that Lola was very thrilled to try on. She didn't leave it on for long but luckily mommy captured it for all times on camera!

Pumpkin spice cake

My neighbor & I whipped up this tasty pumpkin cake that we then decorated with fondant. It is so fun using fondant. It makes us feel like pros. I think it turned out wonderful. We used a kitkat for the stem. We took this cake to our girls playdate.

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed!

The only piece of furniture Doll is allowed to jump on is her bed. So naturally when the boys came for a playdate they all end up doing just that:) We had a fun time collecting fall leaves for a nature collage. Lola did a great job sharing her toys even her Thomas train.

beef pot pie

Our first attempt at making a pot pie turned out Delicious! We rolled out the pie crust from scratch and added cheese and garlic to it. Oh man.... looking forward to trying a chicken one.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

costume party @ church

We had so much fun going to the Church's Halloween Costume Party. They had pumpkin bowling, cookie decorating, playdough fun, donut eating off a string, stained glass window treats and food of course.

Boooo At the zzzzzoooooo

We had a fun afternoon at the zoo watching Ms Lola wear her Red Riding Hood Costume. She carried around her brother's old 'wolf'', which was really a coyote. She kept saying "What big eyes you have." We did the scavenger hunt to collect stamps from different zoo exhibits.  How strange it will be to go trick or treating without the snow....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zoo playdate

We had a fun playdate at the zoo with our little girlfriend.  We learned that meerkats like to eat scorpions. It was a pretty toasty fall day. Lola looked so cute on this turtle.

pumpkin farm hmb

We had sooo much fun at the pumpkin farm. We took our neighbors too. There were pony rides, hay rides, train rides, hay mazes, petting zoo AND of course PuMpKiNs! Lola picked out a really sweet one. We could have spent the whole day playing there.

Look at my Shoes!

Here's momma's doll trying on some high heels. The amazing part is watching her actually walk in them.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep tight my little doll

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Cake making Skill

We made this cool cake with our neighbor for a little boys birthday. It was fun to see the fondant shape in to this fun cake.

Happy Harvest!

We sure like Harvest time. That means time for PuMpKiNs! We love pumpkins. Lola has been reading 'Big Pumpkin' our favorite Halloween book. She almost knows it by heart. She even has a little pumpkin that she's been kicking around.

Hamster sitting

Lola sure enjoyed babysitting our neighbors hamster. She was so careful not to drop it. She even took it to  bed and pretended to go to sleep.  She asked it if he was going to cook the soup, like the Ratatouille movie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

no place like the zoo

There's no place like the zoo. We went there after a long week of unpacking and getting back into our routine. We sure love going to the zoo. One of Lola's favorite animals, the lion, was out for us to see very well. Enjoy our fun day.

Picking Apples

Lola and her boyfriends were picking apples on Friday. And she fed some to the cows that were in the neighboring field. She's pretty good at picking good ones now that she had practice while we were in Kentucky. She even ate a few fresh off of the tree. Happy Autumn!

Where the wind goes sweeping down the plains

There is something so peaceful about standing in an open field listening to the wind. Lola looks like she's a country girl now.

Fishing with Papa & Daddy

While we were in Oklahoma we had a great afternoon fishing with Papa. Lola loved going around and around with the handle on the reel.

Country Fun

Lola had fun driving her buddy's 'tractor'  while we visited in the country. Here she is playing with her friend on his swing set.