Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pot stickers- homemade - yum

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sunny day
Walking stick 
Smiling babe

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cross here

Aren't these two up to something?... I'm not sure I trust those grins... A fun playdate with Lola's boyfriend from church.

ground hog day

Checking to see if the ground hog will see it's shadow. 

no shoe picnic

oh these goofy two:) 

let's practice

working on hand muscles sure takes a lot of practice:)

looks like an angel

playing at the park 

Chinese New Year

This is a great scissors practice craft. Making Chinese new year lanterns.

Dragon Parade

Water Fireworks

Cupcake icing practice

These little darling cupcakes were the result of a short lesson from Candace's girlfriend. Starting with basic polka dots to learning swirling. It was so fun and inspiring:) best part of course was eating them.

Ring around the roses

Adam is one of Lola's Sunday school buddies. We have such fun hanging around with him. Here they are playing ring around the roses.

Happy Ground Hog's Day

For our lesson today we talked alot about Ground Hogs and shaddows. We also talked about the seasons changing, which is hard to do when our weather stays within 10 degrees between seasons. She made a popup groundhog to test it's shadow. At the park we traced her shadow on the sidewalk too. We also made a paper plate turtle just for the fun of it.

How bout some cupcakes :)

Candace is always cooking something in the kitchen and on occasion Lola decides that she should bake something.  Today she decided to make some cupcakes, so luckily Candace has the supplies in stock and she can just whip them up.  Here she is sifting some flour and getting ready to bake.  Lola likes to pretend she is a princess and various other things, but she really enjoys pretending to be mommy and cooking in the kitchen.