Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ice cream Sundae anyone

From her own kitchen Lola came to Daddy with a ice cream treat. She knows how to win her Daddy's heart.

Daddy's mechanical skills come into play

Daddy couldn't assemble Lola's purple car fast enough when it arrived. We decided to order a second one rather than pay to have the original Christmas one shipped (cost the same) So When it finally made it- Lola was handed Daddy pieces and parts to 'help' quickly put it together. It was pretty comical.

Do I look like Barbie?

Aunt Nichie gave Mommy these really cool hot pink Barbie shoes. Lola has had an eye on them since the moment they came out of the box. She finally found a chance to test them out one night. She thought they were soo cool.

Do I have something on my face?

What fun it is to watch Lola grow artisticly! She loves to paint and we do nearly everyday. Keeping up with paint supplies is a chore too :) We found a roll of paper at our Ikea store to use at her art easel that should last a while... She's pretty good at describing what she's painted. And the last few days she's told us that she's learning to write her name. If anyone is intersted in a Lola original let us know we have some to spare.

All cuddled up

Cuddling on the couch is a nightly experience for all of us. The cat especially seems to need the love.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bubbles and Running

If we had to pick Lola's two favorite outdoor activities, we would definitely choose those two- running and Bubbles. We went to the park with our neighbors and that's all she wanted to do, forget the slide and sand. 

Cable Car fun

After living here a year we finally rode on one of the world famous cable car- not to be confused with a trolley..... Lola was very patient waiting in the line and enjoyed going up and down the steep streets of San Francisco. We only rode the route and didn't jump on and off at the different stops, but next time we'll be more prepared to spend a day riding around on it.

Moss Beach

Moss Beach is such a fun place to go see. It's a Federal Marine Reserve so the sea creatures and shells are not to be taken home for souvenirs. There are tidal pools of water in the rock when the tide goes down and  some little sea life gets caught in the pools until the tide comes back. Lola and momma had gone on Friday and were practically the only ones there. So on MLK day we took Daddy and there were around 200 people there. It was still fun just not as intimate as our Friday visit. Lola was able to pet a rock fish that was nearly stepped on because of how well it blended in to the - you know-rock :) We sure feel so lucky to have the chance to learn about the marvelous gift of the sea. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny day on the Coast

We had so much fun with Lola's boyfriends on Friday as we played in the sun. We even caught a little crab that we played with for a little bit. We feel so spoiled to enjoy such beautiful weather while the rest of our family is freezing across the country. Lola could run up and down the beach all day. We also saw some sea lions hanging out on the rocks.

Tea party with the cat

Lola's cat felt like playing with her one day. He let her put on a plastic necklace. Then he hung around while she made a tea party for him. He's mostly really good with her.

our little monkey

Lola is not afraid of anything. And she's very daring. She climbs on things that most kids her age haven't thought of yet. Here she is climbing the spider netting at the park. She's also very fond of driving things. Here she is driving the boat with Winston.

Music School

Lola goes to music school once a week. One of her highlights is playing with the rhythm sticks. We tap them on our toes and the floor and also make rabbit ears with them. She learns the songs so quickly. She'll remember some later in the week that I had forgotten. She's very musical at home. We have a variety of instruments -tambourines, bells, a keyboard, and shakers. She seems pretty interested in a guitar too now that Mom's been practicing on one.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma

Lola was so proud to help Daddy with mom's Birthday cake. She talked about it for two days. Thanks for being so sweet Doll.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Sushi fondue night

What a combination.... We didn't dip the sushi in the fondu.... We made Fondue then later the boys learned how to roll up a California roll-(rice, seaweed, cucumber, and crab)

Winchester House

Experiencing the Winchester House is a must for our next visitors. We took the boys one afternoon and we were all amazed. If you've not heard about this place check out the website and read the history.
The story goes that the widow of the Winchester Rifle man believed that her house was haunted. Upon the advise of a physic, she started building onto her house to help confuse the spirits. There were stairs leading up to nowhere, doors opening into walls and windows that never saw light. Very very strange. 

California winter

The boys enjoyed our California winter, especially when we took a drive down the coast to see the Rose Bowl Parade and game.... And of course the San Diego Zoo

What'd Santa bring ya

A pink bear that talks for Mom,
Red bull for Adam, more KY clothes for Dad, teapot for Eric and a pink Kitchen for Lola. 
Lola was funny about opening her gifts, since we had already opened gifts in OK .She wanted to open one and go to her room 
and play with them. So it took her two days to open her presents. She's especially thankful for her pink Kitchen that Daddy made her.

Christmas Breakfast feast.

Due to Chicago's inability to keep the air travel on schedule for the country, we had to stay over a night in Denver on our return flight from Oklahoma. It wasn't a terrible event for us because Lola's Grammy lives there, so we just spent the night with her. It was a special treat to see our old dog foxy. However when we did finally make it home we were hungry. Virgil hooked us up with a feast of a breakfast. We love this picture because Lola is sitting up at the table with her big brothers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PaPa & Aunt Nichie

Merry Christmas ! 
We had so many fun memories while we were in Oklahoma. Thanks for everything!

My PUrpLE Car

Well, Santa waited until the last minute to open the box that Lola's pink car was supposed to be in and found out that it was in fact a purple and pink car not a pink car. We thought there would be enough pink stickers on it to appease the pink part of santa's deal, well, NO strings can be pulled for this two year old. Lola noticed right away that the car was not the pink car she had asked Santa for. She was so confused. We felt like she was looking around for another car that he might have left her. It was funny. In the end she liked her PuRPle and pink car just the same. But she made a point of letting everyone know that Santa had brought the wrong color car.

Christmas Eve

We made it to candle light service on Christmas Eve. Lola was a bit of a handful. When one of the soloist finished everyone clapped of course. Well, when the clapping died off Lola yelled out Thank You! Everyone turned and chuckled at her. Luckily we had some gold fish to fill her mouth while we waited for the candlighing part of the service.

Riding along on my new Trike

look at my new Trike that Grammy gave me. I loved it, loved it. Lola rode it all over the little park near Great Great Granny's.

What's up Aunt Nichie

We had a great time visiting with Aunt Nichie while we were in Oklahoma. Lola loves all of the little ponies she was given by her too!

Holding a new baby

One day we had a friend over who just had a new baby. She was so excited and nervous to hold her. It was so sweet.

Pops Soda Ranch

We spent an afternoon driving over and visiting Pop's Soda Ranch. A very different kind of hamburger joint. They had one of every kind of soda you could think of. Even some Ale8one's for those of you in KY. You know what they are. It was fun to see them displayed in the huge glass windows with all of the different colors.