Saturday, September 13, 2014

Learning about letter boxing

 We have recently learned about this cool hobby people participate in where you find hidden stamps and collect the different images from around the country. It really has been fun. We picked up an easy how to carve your own stamp book from amazon and now have made a couple. (remember to reverse words:)There are all kinds of different types of rubber to choose to carve. Some people make a theme of hand carved stamps like disney ones or fairy ones or nature ones so it's quite the adventure to collect ones from certain artists. Check out your local area for some hidden....Things to take with you. 1) note pad to stamp the design 2) ink 3) wet wipes 4) your own stamp if you made one to stamp into the book left by the artist 5)pen 6)a sense of adventure:) some websites to get you started are atlas quest and letterboxing North America

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