Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creative Mind

We have really enjoyed using our passes to the museum center. One place we like to spend a lot of time  is building with the chunky blocks. Each visit she comes up with some new theme. Today's visit was zoo animals. In October, we are studying skeletons and we found this great foam puzzle to assemble. It was so cool to have another chance to chat about bones. In the science hall they have a computer game where you build a skeleton of an ice age animal. We played that game until we had made all of them. Chatting about the different rib cages and why the prey seemed to have larger rib cages than the predators- like saber toothed cats. It's also really nice that there were few people there. In the train room at the history center part there was a hunt for pumpkins. Lola found all of them.
hammerhead shark




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