Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines day

Lola and her surprise. 
Once upon a time, there was a very darling little girl. She was smart and kind and always curious. She loved all the holidays. Valentine's was coming up and she made cards for her little friends and mailed them to states around the US. Then she made a chocolate brownie cake for her daddy and brothers for a surprise. On Valentine's she dressed herself in some hot pink and settled in for her lessons. After some school, she took a little break for lunch. As she was enjoying her sandwich there was a ring at the door. Ding Dong. What a lovely surprise some beautiful roses for her mother. They were so red and lovely. Following lunch there was another ring at the door. So she opened the door and there was a delivery for her mommy's lesson on Wednesday night Bible study. After lunch she cozied up for some reading time and there was another ring at the door. It was a man carrying a vase with a teddy bear and some flowers. He said, is there a Lola here? And Lola said, I'm LOLA! So she received a very beautiful Valentine Surprise. :)

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