Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

On New Years day, we rushed around to get ready for church. While I was looking for Lola a dress to wear, there came a strange glow from her window. So I opened the blinds and there was a very beautiful rainbow. I called to Virgil and Lola to come see. It was such a cool way to be welcomed into a new year. So then we made it to our new church just in time. They had a combined service and we all sat together to worship the Lord on this First New Day of 2012. It was so peaceful. After church we cooked some lunch then headed over to Ikea. At Ikea we discovered that we loved their mattresses, compared to the ones we had shopped for so far. But, there's not much room in the car to take one home so we asked the guy how long it would take to have one delivered. He told us that you could rent their van and take it now. So with the other misc items we needed to pick up, we borrowed the IKEA van and took everything home, leaving our car there. We unpacked at the house then returned the IKEA van. Next, we ate at Red Robin and then ran into the movies (because by now it was freezing cold outside). The movie we enjoyed was We Bought a Zoo. My poor husband kept worrying the whole movie, Oh my goodness, now my family is going to need  me to buy a zoo! It was a great movie. ( And yes, I would love to have a zoo one day:) Maybe not african cats, but a little farm menagerie wouldn't be too bad, would it? So after the movie, we were walking to the car and it started to snow! It was so beautiful. How many people have experience such bizarre weather, with a  rainbow in the morning and snow at night? It was, as my granny said, a Miracle.

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