Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 30 list

Tomorrow is my birthday. Last year I turned 30. I decided to create a list of 30 new things...It turned out to be pretty easy to find 30 new things to experience, see, and do. Some people were cheering me on and here's the list not really in an order:)
1. cake decorating class~ inspired by my girlfriend Gloria
2. Flower  icing class
3. Read a book on spiritual awareness The Power of Now- a gift from my neighbor Martha- what great timing for a new decade
4. Tried a new chocolate cake recipe~Martha Stewart's baking handbook
5.Volnteer for handicapped children at our church~ if your church is looking for a program look into Joni and friends
6. Fondant Icing class~ Michaels was having a special on their cake decorating series:)
7.Tried new Ginger bread cake recipe~ so yummy
8. Volunteered to feed the homeless~ not really my gift however my husband is great at it:)
9.DROVE from West coast to East coast~ with a 4 year old and a lizard
10. Saw Valley Forge, Saw Liberty Bell
11. Volunteer to help rebuild houses in San Jose
12. Took a train ride from Philly to DC
13. Enrolled in Horse Riding Lessons~Via Pony camp for Lola, decided horses are definitely missing from my life and have added owning a horse and pony to our 5 year plan
14. Donated my hair to Lock of Love~ 4 years after a bad hair cut finally decided to give it a trim:)
15. Crocheted a pair of socks
16. Sewed old fashioned bonnets~ With my husbands 93 year Granny:) Good times
17. Adopted a cat~ not just any cat, a very wild street cat from Philly~ That is slowly learning not to eat paper and plastic or crickets from the lizard:)
18.Volunteered for the pet adoption association
19. Saw Ben Franklins house/ grave
20. Saw Betsy Ross house
21. Fed a sting ray
22. Made soap
23.Visited the Philidelphia art Museum~ Rocky Statue included free:)
24. Explored the Cambridge Aquarium
25. Went to the National Dog Show
26. Petted a Penguin~ actually extremely cool
27. Made an Onion dip from scotch
28. Baked some Toffee Bars
29. Visited Atlantic City
30. lived in 3 states in one year

There really could be 30 more things... like started Kindergarten homeschooling with my daughter, took the Doll ice skating and she could do it a little, baked donuts (& was so hoping they would be mouthwatering, but alas they are what they sound like - just cake donuts:(0) And saw many new places  on our journey to the east coast. We sure had a full year. Life is a great gift and any day spent with my family is truly a blessing, friends are always a bonus:)

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