Sunday, May 3, 2009


I took this picture to remind myself of the first time Lola questioned Daddy's authority.... Sometimes Lola will be hungry before she goes to bed especially if' it's a late night, so I'll let her have some toast. When Daddy went to make it I was in another room and asked him to give her the choice of peanut butter or butter but nooo jelly, ya know since it was 930 at night. Well, she heard her choice and asked well, can I have Jelly?   He told her no, Momma said peanut butter or butter but NOOO Jelly. As a curious little girl, she came running around the corner and asked me "Mom, did you really say no Jelly." I said, yeah no jelly it's too late for sugar. So she went back in the kitchen to let dad know that I had indeed said no and there was a reason..... It was so funny at the time. Then the next morning she happily took jelly on her toast.

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